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There have been various stories about the return of Blake's 7 down the years, enough to take this with a certain pinch of salt, but I have to admit the environment is right. The success of the `reimagined' Doctor Who - and particularly Battlestar Galactica - obviously mean that Sky fancy getting a slice of that pie, so the chances of it actually getting made may be somewhat greater than they were before. Of course, by the time the scripts are written Battlestar will have finished and Doctor Who may have had to negotiate another regeneration and the landscape might have changed. We'll see.
I chiefly remember Blake's 7 for acting that ranged from wooden to scenary-chewing, special effects in the best BBC tradition, and an ending that was one of the bleakest things I'd ever seen on television. I literally couldn't sleep the night after the final episode.
Of course (and I mean no disrespect to the rest of the cast) the whole thing won't work without the mighty Jacqueline Pearce, whose performance as Servalan left an indelible mark on male (and possibly female) British science fiction fans of a certain age, and the equally mighty Paul Darrow as Avon.
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