hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

evolution in action

From the Guardian comes this report of a Colorado shootout over a wheel-clamp - with tasers. Granted, had these blokes been using firearms, one or both of them would have been dead now, instead of just feeling damn stupid and maybe still a bit twitchy. You see, guys? If you shoot someone with a taser at the same time as he shoots you, they don't cancel each other out!
I wonder, quite seriously, if we're not watching the early days of a new social trend. Taser duels, for people whose arguments aren't quite worth dying for.

I haven't been writing for the past few days because a) I have some thinking to do about how I'm going to do the next bit, and b) I have nowhere to write at the moment, having been temporarily ousted from the Utility Room In The Sky by preparations for the delivery of a new washing machine and drier. I'm hoping normal service will return by the weekend.

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