hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

the fourth shoe drops

The attentive among you will remember a little while ago that I posted something about three right feet which had washed ashore on an island in British Columbia. I've been googling it now and again to see if anything else had happened, but I've become lax and hadn't looked it up recently, so I'm indebted to Selkie for giving me a heads-up on this
story, about a fourth foot being found. All four were wearing a sock and a running shoe. Apparently there's now some speculation that the feet come from the victims of a plane crash three years ago which killed five men - one of whose bodies was recovered. So if a fifth foot turns up, that scotches that theory.
I've been somewhat lighthearted with this story, but the awful truth is that, for every foot that washes up, there's another person dead somewhere out there, and that's not funny at all.

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