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with a mighty bound he was free

I just noticed that I didn't mention the latest news in the Max Mosley saga, for which you've all been waiting with bated breath. The FIA had a meeting this week to decide whether Max should step down from his position as head of the organisation. If you'd asked me beforehand, I would have told you Max was toast. But not so. Max actually survived the vote, and by a very healthy margin. I understand he addressed the gathering before the vote, and my own personal take on it is that he told them that if The News Of The World is allowed to take him down, it'll institute open season on everyone else. Which is possibly the last thing any of these people want, so they supported him.
He's due to retire next Autumn anyway, but that means there's another season and a half to go with Max as chairman of the FIA. The way English law grinds, he might not see his case hit the courts until after he retires, which means that he faces another season and a half of races with various national organisers being unwilling to meet him in public. It's bizarre and it is a farce.

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